Wii U Pro Controller Only $30 @ Best Buy Until July 26th – 5 Reasons Why You Should Pick One Up

Starting today, July 20th, until July 26th, the Wii U Pro Controller White will only cost $30 at Best Buy, compared to the normal $50. Not only this, but Best Buy is having a BOGO deal on various popular 3DS games. The 3DS games are listed below:

-Pokemon X/Y

-The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

-Tomodachi Life

-Bravely Default

-Mario Golf: World Tour

-Kirby Triple Deluxe

-Yoshi’s New Island

-Mario Party: Island Tour

-Disney Magical World


Here are a couple of reasons why you should pick up the Wii U Pro Controller at the lower cost of $30

1. The Wii U Pro Controller has the same, if not better feel compared to an Xbox or Playstation controller, which is great for playing ported shooters like Call of Duty or Mass Effect. Very ergonomic. Very nice.

2. Battery Life – The Wii U Pro Controller has an 80 hour battery life. That is ridiculously good, especially compared to the battery life of the gamepad. For those who enjoy the longer gaming sessions, or even the luxury of not having to have your controller plugged up most of the time, this controller is definitely recommended.

3. Play with a friend – Say you have a Wii U (Which if you are reading this I am assuming you do) and you want to play Mario Kart 8 with your friend. What are you going to do? Use the gamepad while you let him/her use the dreaded tilt controls of the Wiimote? Unfair advantage, sir. Let your friend use the Wii U Pro Controller, which has just as good controls as the gamepad in Mario Kart 8. The playing field is now level. You are welcome, friend.

4. A great alternative to the gamepad – Do not get me wrong, I love the gamepad. I love the innovation, and I feel like it makes the Wii U stand out amongst the rest. This being said, I do not feel it is necessary to use the gamepad all the time. Maybe if i’m playing Zombiu? Yes. But if i’m playing Super Mario 3D World or Batman: Arkham City? Just throw me the Pro Controller and let me bash some heads.

5. Use the gamepad as a TV – Do you not have access to your TV? Do you not want to use the gamepad controller while you are using the gamepad? No worries! Just use the gamepad as a television screen and use the Wii U Pro Controller for the controls! Unnecessary? Maybe. Awesome? Yes.

I actually gave in myself and purchased the discounted controller at Best Buy this afternoon. I was very hesitant to purchase the controller until I saw the $20 discount. I am definitely happy with my decision and the controller itself.

Finally I should mention the fact that you are saving $20 by purchasing the Wii U Pro Controller at Best Buy from July 20th – July 26th.


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