10 Shovel Knight Tips

As many of you know, Shovel Knight was released last month for the 3DS, Wii U, and PC. Having played the 3DS version rather extensively since it was released, I feel I have racked up some knowledge on being successful in the impressive Yacht Club Games (the studio that produced Shovel Knight) Title. 10 Shovel Knight Tips are listed below. Enjoy, and I hope they help you in your Shoveling journeys!

1. There are hidden areas and treasure EVERYWHERE. When adventuring through the Order of No Quarter, look for little square cracks in the wall. Hit these to reveal hidden areas with items, gems, and music scrolls. Aside from the cracks, there are so many nooks and crannies that can easily be passed over if not observant enough. Don’t speed through the levels, slow down and enjoy every second of them.

2. Do not overlook the importance of items. The throwing anchor, the freaking FLARE WAND, and the Dust Knuckles all made battling baddies much less stressful. Don’t want to take the risk of getting hit off of a ledge? Shoot a couple of flare wands at it.

3. You can’t go wrong with the Final Guard Armor (Red). Tired of losing half of your gems when you die? Purchase the Final Guard! This flashy red piece of metal halves the amount of money lost, making it easier to keep your currency. Buy it as soon as it is available, and enjoy your extra money.

4. The Mask Shop in the Armor Outpost holds greatness. If you have the Gold, give 1000 of it to each of the three characters inside. After doing so, a sequence triggers with a man who battles you in order to steal your “mask”. After defeating him, you are rewarded 5000, and if you manage to find him around various locations in the Armor Outpost, he’ll give you even more Gold. Ca-ching.

5. Fully upgrade your Shovel Blade. There are 3 upgrades available for the Shovel Blade, and they are all worth it. One allows you to shoot out a ground blast when at full health, the one allows you to charge up your Shovel Blade and unleash for greater damage, and the last allows you to dig up piles in one swing. These can be overlooked as useless, but if you use them at the right time they can prove to be very effective.

6. Dig up the camp fire after every level to expose some gems for the taking. Doing this also awards you with a nice feat. One more closer.

7. Beat up the baddies in the your knight’s dreams. Sometimes after levels, you are placed into a dream sequence where you have to catch Shield Knight. Use the Dust Knuckles to quickly fight off the enemies and acquire some nice pink gems. More money = happiness. Right?

8. ENTER THE HALL OF CHAMPIONS. it costs $5000, yes, but if you use the blue orbs to destroy the ghosts in every part of the mansion, you get to face against a big ghost boss. Defeating the boss rewards very generously.

9. The downward shovel attack is the best move ever. Mirroring the downwards sword attack in Zelda, the downward shovel attack is very effect against enemies and bosses alike. The great thing about the attack is that you can do it continuously, as a successful hit sends you back into the air. The Dynamo Mail (which i’m currently sporting), allows a charge slash to be unleashed after two consecutive shovel drop attacks. This is great, especially near the end when you have to battle all of the bosses in succession.

10. Don’t take the game and yourself too seriously. Shovel knight is a light-hearted, genuinely fun platformer at its core. Yes, you are going to get frustrated, and dying right before getting to a checkpoint is heart-breaking, but don’t forget the fact that it is just a game. Enjoy it, while taking the challenge as it comes. If you get too frustrated, take a break and come back later.

Well guys and girls, those are my 10 tips for being successful in Shovel Knight. I will post a review reasonably soon, but until then I will continue to enjoy the game. Have a good one everybody.


Published by Nick Putnam 




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