Shovel Knight – New Game + Boss Rush Tips

New Game + Boss Rush is a nightmare. I’ll say it. I recently beat it after around 50 tries without any ichor. It was tough, it was nerve-wracking, but man was it rewarding to downward thrust the last boss, King Knight (which was a blessing by the way), for a heart-warming victory. Yes, if you are wondering, I did pull them up afterwards. I couldn’t let my boys fall down to their death. After my 50 go’s at the Boss Rush, I feel I have acquired some knowledge about the intricacies of the famous knights themselves. But before diving into the individual bosses, i’ll explain what setup I had going in.

Dynamo armor is the way to go in Boss Rush. You will need that power attack that you receive after two downward attacks. I used it on the majority of the bosses, especially Plague Knight. Make sure your health and magic is maxed out, too. If you follow the instructions below you will use a fair amount of it. Some precautionary, and some for domination. If you are wondering about whether you get health and magic throughout this battle, yes you do. The first catch is that you only get it every two bosses. The second catch, which i found out the hard way, is that you have to break open the platter (what holds the health or bombs) that holds the bomb in order to get the platter that holds the health and magic on the next boss. Always break the platter open, unless you know it holds health and you want to wait until your health has depleted a fair amount. Now lets get into the individual bosses.

Polar Knight – This guy can be beaten pretty quickly. He usually appears within the first 3 bosses, so mastering him is rather important. When the battle starts, throw a couple of chaos orbs at him. Do this while jumping over the snowballs and preparing to downward attack when he rushes you. This should take you to the other side of the screen where you can attack him with your power slash and throw some more orbs at him. Do your best to dodge his downward thrust, which will break ice and reveal spikes. Don’t worry about the spikes though, as they’re just a slight inconvenience. Bounce on his head, gain your power slash, whip it out on him repeat. Feel free to use chaos orbs throughout the whole battle. They help a lot, and with them you can beat the boss in about 10 seconds. This battle requires a good amount of magic. 

Plague Knight – Plague Knight is the worst boss to fight, even more so in New Game + mode. He jumps around constantly while throwing magic at your, making him almost impossible to predict. There are two methods i used when fighting him. The first one is spamming the phase locket to insure safety. While using the phase locket, chase him around the map, bouncing on his head and slashing him until he is defeated. The second method is spamming chaos orbs. Precision with this method is difficult, as he rarely stays on the ground for more that a second. Watch his movements, and try to avoid his move where he hangs in the air and throws a handful of magic around his person. Plague Knight is the most unpredictable boss, but he can be beaten with some skill and a touch of luck. This battle requires a good amount of magic.

Specter Knight – This boss is rather easy if you know what you’re doing. If done right, this battle can be finished unscathed. Right when the fight starts, jump up on to the right platform; you’ll be staying there the whole fight. Specter night will hover over to you, and when he does this just jump on his head and he’ll return to the left side. After this, he will do 3 things. The first two involves him sending his scythe spinning at you. His scythe will either be on route to hit you, or it will go over your head. If it goes over your head, he will succeed that throw with a downwards throw that lands at the upper right hand corner of the screen. When he throws the scythe downwards, jump in the air to the right and he will appear there for you to bounce on his head. Now, if the scythe is initially heading for you, use the phase locket to dodge it. Then jump down, and let the scythe come back around. The third attack specter knight does is the charge slash. Time and aim your jump right, and you can land on his head when he swings. Between these attacks, specter knight will continuously hover towards you, allowing you to chip away. Also, mid-battle, specter knight makes a couple of skeletons rise up on the platforms and on the ground. Jump the the air and downward attack the one on your platform. Following these steps will help you beat Specter Knight rather seamlessly. This battle can be done without any magic, if you jump over the scythe when it flies at you. 

Mole Knight – Mole Knight is like specter knight with how you handle him. If you do it right, you can get out with little to no damage taken. He starts out flying across the screen, to which you time a downward thrust to do some damage. After this, he’ll land on the ground and slide across the screen two times. Jump on his head a couple of times, and wait for him on the side he came from. At this point, you’ll be able to jump on his head while he sends blocks and bombs across the screen. He’ll then burrow underground. When he comes up, use the phase locket to avoid the fire balls. You can try to hit the sparkly fire sparks back at him to do extra damage, but it’s not necessary. He’ll then drop a couple layers of rock on you and fly across the screen. Repeat the beginning steps to beat him while he is sending bombs across the screen. This battle can be done using little to no magic.

Tinker Knight – The first phase of this boss is rather simple. Downward thrust and slash, while dodging his wrench and wrench-throwing frenzy. After defeating little Tink Tink, he’ll bring out the big guns. Use his rather slow missiles to get to his head. Downward thrust, while using the phase locket to avoid being hit by missiles. When he rushes to the other side of the screen, stay on the sticky horn and jump on his head when you reach the other side. Rinse, repeat. This battle can be done with little to no magic, depending on how safely you want to play. 

Treasure Knight – This guy is a real D-bag. He is rather hard, slightly unpredictable, and requires some skill. Start out by throwing some chaos orbs and jumping on his head, dodging his hook shot. He’ll then shoot upwards. Don’t stay on his head while he goes to the top of the screen, you’ll lose two health. Continue to throw chaos orbs, and attempt to get a good bounce off of his head when he smashes into the ground. If you aren’t high in the air, this attack will hurt you. When he throws his treasure chest into the middle of the screen, stay jumping on his head while dodging the bubbles. Keep throwing chaos orbs if needed. Treasure Knight is one of the harder bosses, but he can be beaten without losing too much health. This battle can be done with a fair amount of magic. 

Propeller Knight – Propeller Knight is intimidating, but easy if you know what you are doing. Use the downwards attack and slash when he is rapiering from side to side. If timed right, you can bounce continuously on his head, getting him down to around half health. Then he’ll go into the air. If you want, you can throw throwing anchors at him while he his calling out the ship, but it’s not necessary. The alternative is to wait on the opposite side of the screen, destroy the closest bomb to use, and jump on his head when he swoops through. You can use the phase locket when you come down to avoid explosion damage, but again, it’s not totally necessary. Rinse, repeat. This battle can be done with little to no magic. 

King Knight – King Knight is the safe haven amongst the rest. He is the gift to this rigorous battle. He is extremely easy, and can be beaten unscathed and without using any magic. Use this battle to get yourself together, but do not take it for granted or underestimate King Knight. Not because he is hard, but because he is too easy. This battle can be done with no magic.

Hopefully you can use these tips effectively to beat the New Game + Boss Rush. Remember that you have ichors as well, but know they are not necessary and the battle can be done without them. Have a good one guys!

Written by Nick Putnam


One thought on “Shovel Knight – New Game + Boss Rush Tips

  1. Thanks for he detailed tips. I’m actually a bit scared of this part considering how much I’ve died here the last two trials. In he case of Plague Knight I feel he knows exactly where I’m going or where I’ll be dodging (It’s brutal). The same with Polar Knight, but usually a bit more simple.


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