Splatoon – Tips to Being the Best You Can Be

Splatoon is a game that caters to a huge audience. Although It has primarily been marketed towards children, adults have also been playing the colorful shooter in the masses. In short, there are a lot of people playing Splatoon, and I have definitely been one of them, sinking in approximately 34 hours as of the time of writing. I’ve played through the campaign, maxed my character, and achieved B rank in ranked mode so far. With that being said, I feel as if I have some vital information that can help anyone become the best player they can be. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not the best splatoon player, but I’m confident enough in my abilities to give some useful information.

1. Figure out if gyroscope controls are right for you. This can only be done by experimenting with both options. I love the g-scope, however my brother hates motion controls in general and prefers analog controls. Personally, I don’t like the layout of the analog sticks on the gamepad, and I feel awkward when attempting to aim in third and first person shooters (this comes from someone with a lot of experience with xbox controllers). The gyroscopes, in my opinion, are the saving grace in the aiming department. They’ve helped more than i can imagine. But again, it’s all preference.

2. Do you want kills, or to stay away from the action? If you want kills, the tentatek splattershot is the way to go. Being the most used gun, i’ve done exceptionally well with it. It has great range (can easily overtake the overused aerosprays) and has a pretty reliable ink tank. I feel this is the best of the automatic weapons. In terms of the rollers, you can’t go wrong with Krak-on Splat Roller. It’s quick with both movement and attacks, and when tied with the ninja squid perk, makes for a lethal combination in terms of sneaking up on your enemies. Now, if you want to stay away from the action and cover as much ink as possible, the splattershot Jr. or obviously, the aerospray is the way to go. I prefer the splattershot jr., as I love the ink capacity. A solid way to stay away from the action is to continually watch your gamepad screen and see where the ink is heading. You don’t have to fight to be helpful in turf war, although it’s absolutely necessary in splat zone.

3. Chargers in Splat Zone are fantastic. If you want to post up in a corner and cover your enemies during splat zone, the splatterscope or E-Liter 3K is the way to go. Having a sniper during splat zone can change the whole dynamic of the match. It creates an unsettling sense for the other team, as they constantly have to be on the lookout for being picked off. Of course, you should be capable of effectively sniping enemies before taking the sniper into splat zone. A bad sniper during splat zone can prove detrimental. I don’t use a sniper much, as I usually use the tentatek splattershot during ranked, but I have felt the effects of the sniper on maps such as arrowana mall and walleye warehouse. These maps are great, and one should definitely consider taking up the sniper position when these maps are in the rotation.

4. Perks don’t stack like you might think. Although a piece of gear with three strength perks sounds like a dream come true, they don’t necessarily stack. In a sense, effects plateau at a point, meaning it would be more effective to have a gear with four unique perks than a piece with two or three of the same perk. Unfortunately, i’ve had it happen twice where all of my three unlocked abilities are the same. I guess that’s where the super sea snails come into play (unlocked at level 20 for 30,000 a piece). For those who don’t know, super sea snails allow for a re-roll of perks. It’s the luck of the draw, and make sure to continually buy gear and rank it up so you’ll have an arsenal of perked up gear.

5. Try out different guns (in turf war), don’t stick with just one. Sometimes while i’m playing, just for fun i’ll switch out my weapon every match. It allows me to get a feel for all of them, weeding out the one’s I don’t like and discovering one’s I may not of even given a chance otherwise. There’s literally no repercussions for trying out new weapons in turf war (unless losing is a repercussion to you). Honestly, you still get points either way, so there’s not much to lose. By toying around with guns, I figured out I love the blaster! It’s a fantastic gun that works really well against rollers and close quarters as it has quite the blast radius.

6. When it comes to splat zone, stick to what you do best. Whether that be rolling, shooting, sniping, blasting, do whatever you believe you’re most effective at. Here, battles matter and there are repercussions to losing. You don’t want to drag your team down by trying a new weapon for the first time in splat zone. Back when the ink brush was released, I won a solid eight games in a row as the other teams (and mine, occasionally) were using the ink brushes and didn’t really know how to use them well. I know, the point of the game is to have fun, but when it comes to splat zone I’d prefer to win.

7. There’s nothing wrong with using guns unlocked within the first 10 levels. To be honest, some of the best guns lie within the first ten levels. The latter ten contains a lot of weapon variations and not necessarily more powerful weapons, so to speak. So in short, don’t feel the need to purchase a gun after testing it out (which is free) and not digging it too much. Everyone has their preference. I know this contradicts what I said earlier about trying out guns, but that doesn’t mean you HAVE to purchase every weapon made available.

8. Strafing in ink can prove majorly beneficial. You have the option to become a squid for a reason – it’s incredibly useful in sticky situations. If you find yourself in a pickle, spray some ink at your feet and in a path, squid down, and strafe around your opponent. This works really well against rollers, as they cover a lot of ground and are sometimes hard to escape in inkling form. Also, swimming backwards is infinity useful in most encounters.

There you have it people, some semi-handy tips. Have a good one everyone

Nick Putnam

There you have it, folks. Some tips to being the best you. Hopefully a couple of these helped! Have a good Putnams


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