Splatoon – Tips to Being the Best You Can Be

Splatoon is a game that caters to a huge audience. Although It has primarily been marketed towards children, adults have also been playing the colorful shooter in the masses. In short, there are a lot of people playing Splatoon, and I have definitely been one of them, sinking in approximately 34 hours as of the time of writing. I’ve played through the campaign, maxed my character, and achieved B … Continue reading Splatoon – Tips to Being the Best You Can Be

Shovel Knight – New Game + Boss Rush Tips

New Game + Boss Rush is a nightmare. I’ll say it. I recently beat it after around 50 tries without any ichor. It was tough, it was nerve-wracking, but man was it rewarding to downward thrust the last boss, King Knight (which was a blessing by the way), for a heart-warming victory. Yes, if you are wondering, I did pull them up afterwards. I couldn’t let … Continue reading Shovel Knight – New Game + Boss Rush Tips

10 Shovel Knight Tips

As many of you know, Shovel Knight was released last month for the 3DS, Wii U, and PC. Having played the 3DS version rather extensively since it was released, I feel I have racked up some knowledge on being successful in the impressive Yacht Club Games (the studio that produced Shovel Knight) Title. 10 Shovel Knight Tips are listed below. Enjoy, and I hope they help you … Continue reading 10 Shovel Knight Tips