Shovel Knight – New Game + Boss Rush Tips

New Game + Boss Rush is a nightmare. I’ll say it. I recently beat it after around 50 tries without any ichor. It was tough, it was nerve-wracking, but man was it rewarding to downward thrust the last boss, King Knight (which was a blessing by the way), for a heart-warming victory. Yes, if you are wondering, I did pull them up afterwards. I couldn’t let … Continue reading Shovel Knight – New Game + Boss Rush Tips

Review – Shovel Knight (3DS)

Shovel Knight, Yacht Club Game’s Kickstarter cinderella story, is a game I have been following for some time. At first, I wasn’t drawn in; not because of a genuine lack of interest, but because I didn’t look enough into the general concept and gameplay of the game itself. I scrolled through a couple of pages and watched some reveal videos, but it wasn’t until a … Continue reading Review – Shovel Knight (3DS)

10 Shovel Knight Tips

As many of you know, Shovel Knight was released last month for the 3DS, Wii U, and PC. Having played the 3DS version rather extensively since it was released, I feel I have racked up some knowledge on being successful in the impressive Yacht Club Games (the studio that produced Shovel Knight) Title. 10 Shovel Knight Tips are listed below. Enjoy, and I hope they help you … Continue reading 10 Shovel Knight Tips

Review – Titanfall (Xbox One)

Titanfall on the Xbox One is being advertised as the “next-gen multiplayer shooter experience”. The question is, does it hold up to the high expectations of gamers and compete with popular multiplayer shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield? Titanfall is a futuristic multiplayer-only Xbox exclusive game that utilizes free running aspects and Titans (giant robots) to differentiate itself from the pack. Before beginning the review, … Continue reading Review – Titanfall (Xbox One)

The Benefits of Having the Wii U VS. The Xbox One

Before I start this article, I want to clear up one thing. I am not going to say one console is definitely better than the other. I am not one to participate in the “Console War”, although I do feel the Wii U and Xbox One both have benefits over each other. I have both consoles, and I can confidently say they are both great. … Continue reading The Benefits of Having the Wii U VS. The Xbox One

Wii U Pro Controller Only $30 @ Best Buy Until July 26th – 5 Reasons Why You Should Pick One Up

Starting today, July 20th, until July 26th, the Wii U Pro Controller White will only cost $30 at Best Buy, compared to the normal $50. Not only this, but Best Buy is having a BOGO deal on various popular 3DS games. The 3DS games are listed below: -Pokemon X/Y -The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds -Tomodachi Life -Bravely Default -Mario Golf: World Tour … Continue reading Wii U Pro Controller Only $30 @ Best Buy Until July 26th – 5 Reasons Why You Should Pick One Up